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Helping to support the charity’s “homes from home”

I’m fundraising for The Sick Children’s Trust. In December 2019, we welcomed our twins, Teddy & Etta, into the world. 6 days after they were born Etta became poorly and needed to be transferred from our local hospital to Sheffield Children’s Hospital. I had no idea where we would sleep, only that we needed to be with our little one.

While Etta was being settled, a lovely lady from The Sick Children’s Trust came to see us. We were offered a place to stay at Magnolia House – a “home from home” just a couple of minutes walk from the PICU. It was such a relief to know that we would have a place to grab a few hours sleep, freshen up and make ourselves food. When Etta was well enough to be moved to a ward, we were also found a place to stay at Treetop House. This is the second location that the charity have in Sheffield.

The Sick Children’s Trust has 10 locations where they provide places to stay for almost 3800 families per year. It costs the charity £30 per night per family to provide this service.

I wanted to find a way to support fundraising for The Sick Children’s Trust, so have decided to sell a range of my cards in support of the charity. A range of 10 of my new baby and baby announcement cards will be sold in support of the charity, with 50p from each card going directly to the charity. This will be ongoing from 1st October 2020.

I hope that you can help me to support this amazing charity.

Emma x


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